Project Rescue

Software Project Rescue - EVERYTHING is possible!

Current in-house or outsourced software or web development project has gotten off track? Are you facing challenges like these and your software project is in trouble?

  •     Improper Project planning, weak management, incomplete requirements, poor testing and inadequate skills.
  •     Your company developed an in-house application, key staff members quit and now you have no way to maintain it.
  •     A development firm took you down a solution path that led to a dead end when technology difficulties exceeded the firm's level of skill, even after your company invested substantial dollars to fix a problem.
  •     Perhaps the development firm you hired simply did not have the right team chemistry and management skill to bring a project to fruition.
  •     Or maybe you inherited an application from a previous manager, but have no resources available to maintain it or make necessary changes.

These are not uncommon problems. Momentum Infotech is always there to help you resolve nearly all project rescue challenges. We can bring the necessary resources and expertise to get the job done. We call this "Project Rescue", because if you get in touch soon enough, we may still be able to help you complete it on time. Or, if it simply can't be done, we'll let you know, and help you apply the best practices necessary to make your stake holders happy.

We offer time-effective, yet easy-to-follow project rescue road-maps that include the following milestones:

Situation analysis.

Our technical experts (with the help of a development team, if needed) investigate the current situation of your project.

Identify Problems

We audit the project and identify all current or potential problem areas. We perform a series of application checks to identify potential bottlenecks, non-functional issues, lack of specification, user involvement, planning, testing or technical expertise, all are investigated thoroughly. We also look into the environment the application is deployed on, understand it and document it.

Recovery Action Plan.

Our specialist team gives no-nonsense advice with actionable next steps. We develop a comprehensive time- and cost-effective strategy to eliminate the threats or at least reduce them to an acceptable level.

Moreover, our communication expertise will elicit the confidence of your current IT team, so they will be inclined to embrace the project rescue initiative as helpful to them and beneficial to your company. Our Clients rely on us to turn around failing projects as well as give timely, considered advice based on long experience.

The bottom line: We know how to pick up the pieces of a broken application project and get you back on track towards fulfillment of important objectives.

Each project rescue case needs to be properly evaluated and possible corrections need to be decided.Drop us a line and let us help you get back on track.

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