Momentum’s development process promotes a result focused approach and ensures better service to clients with regards to being innovative, informative, user friendly, quality driven, cost conscious and above all understanding customer’s goals; without compromising with any of these factors.

Our approach defines the process we employ to help our clients reach business heights through an unbeatable online presence, that is made possible through our rapid mock ups and test driven development.

Our team, at Momentum, follow the below presented process centric approach to satisfy our clients to the fullest. The steps are discussed in detail below:



  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis: In this phase our business development team tries to gather information about client’s project by having a one-on-one consultation with the client. Our inquisitive team considers the following questions (and the like) while defining your project requirements:
    • What is the purpose of the site or mobile App? Will be an informational website, enterprise portal, software as a service, or a shopping site?
    • Why do you want this website? Is it for making money or do you need it for branding your own business?
    • Who is your target audience? Is this for a particular industry, particular country, particular age, particular community etc.? The design mockups we will create for you will be keeping in mind your target audience.
  • Planning: Based on the inputs form the clients, a detailed project scope document is created considering each and every client’s requirements. A site-map for the site is developed and a platform for building the site is decided based on the client’s requirements.
  • Design: Website mockups are then created. During this stage we will create prototype mock-ups for each and every page/screen of the web application. Client is then asked to express his likes and dislikes on the design created. Iterations are implemented based on your feedback until we finalize the mockups and the client signoff them. 
    Our web designing team will deliver you a design that will ensure that your competitors are far behind from you.
  • Development: Once the designers and the client collaboratively finalize the design, our techies start working on the code. Our website development team follows an agile development approach which promotes early delivery, continuous improvement and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.
  • Quality Control/Testing: After the website is developed, our expert team of quality analysts test each and every unit of the project and then test it as a whole. The project is tested for cross browser compatibility and in case of Mobile Apps the App is tested on multiple devices. The project is tested for UI and also the functionality of each and every module is tested to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Launch and Post Launch Maintenance: We assist you with the launch of website and also publishing the Mobile Apps on iTunes or Google play store.Our job is not over just after launching your site. We are there with you throughout the post launch journey, helping you with the maintenance of your site and to come up with any solution that covers any post launch problem.
    Also, we will be your digital partners for any new features or updates you would like to have in your current website.
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