Manuscript Digitization and Conservation

Preserving the cultural heritage of Punjab

A manuscript is basically a hand-written or inscribed piece of information on bark, leaf, cloth, metal, paper or any other material in any composition. This may be a combination of letters, pictures, symbols, maps, figures etc. with knowledge content about the art, culture, history and science of a civilization.

At Momentum Infotech we work on locating, digitizing and preserving the cultural heritage of Punjab scattered around the globe in the form of historical documents, manuscripts, rare books, artifacts etc. irrespective of their script, language, religion, nationality, or other physical condition.  

For centuries, these meticulously written, unique and wonderful pieces of literature have been lost because of natural reasons and due to wars. Efforts are being carried to carry over these traditional ancient treasures to our future generations. Our focus is to preserve and conserve these treasures and provide worldwide access to them to the researchers, educationists, historians, art lovers, archivists and others who are interested in studying those.

To get your collection digitized, you can contact us via webform/email  or phone. Once we receive your request, we initiate further process to undertake the requested digitization project.


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