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We are known for our ability to work independently, reliability and our unparalleled enthusiasm to provide quality web and mobile development solutions that drive business growth for them.

Momentum Infotech is a leading provider of full-service web design, web development, mobile apps development, Internet marketing, and consulting services of any complexity to clients worldwide.

With a proven track record of over 15 years, our specialized teams with diverse skill sets allows us in developing the most complex + cumbersome projects in a way that is simple, smart, easy to maintain and performance driven. We are a logical fit for start-ups, digital agencies, entrepreneurial companies & enterprise from various industries seeking small business website design, mobile application development, e-commerce website or enterprise custom application development.

We deliver projects that meet or exceed your expectations, on time and within budget. That’s why more than 80% of our projects come from our existing clients. We make them happy, and they keep coming back.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry worldwide. We execute projects of all sizes, budgets, and schedules. Our project managers based in New York City and in Mississauga/Toronto in Canada along with our team in India combines best available technologies and designs to build cutting edge, responsive digital experiences for web and mobile. 

Our other competencies lie in setting up dedicated offshore software development teams for outsourced product development, application maintenance with a local project management team. We ensure offshoring works for you.

If you have a web development or mobile application development project to be developed as per your specs, please get in touch with us to see how we can work together.

Why Choose Momentum Infotech?

  • Predictable projects - proven track record: We plan the projects in such a way that it becomes easy for the clients to estimate the project's proceedings. The client has a clear picture of his project and by no means is left in darkness or any doubtful situation. Our past record and the great experience our clients had with us proves our unbeatable track record.
  • We deliver results - On time and within budget: Since 2001, Momentum has been the clients’ favorite for its budgeted and timely delivery of the project. Our past track record exemplifies our unbeatable service when compared on budgetary or timely basis. Highly experienced and expert team members and the use of an intelligent information system make it possible for Momentum to deliver results on time. We ensure that we deliver fully optimized results.
  • What we create belongs to you: Momentum provides you with a 100% ownership of the work we do for you. Once the website or the work done is live, we give our client with 100% source code for no extra charge.
  • 24*7 Quick response: Momentum takes utmost care that the clients’ are responded with an optimal solution to their queries, on the same day and within the least possible time period. Our team provides you regular updates of the projects proceedings. We provide outstanding services to our clients and leave the minimum for them to worry about.
  • We listen: We are amongst the top layer in our industry because we listen. We make attempt to understand our clients' objectives and needs, and we collaborate to find solutions that meet them or exceed them. Our patient Project managers leave no scope of any loophole while creating the entire project.
  • We want to become your long term partners: Momentum Infotech believes in being your online partner in enhancing your business presence. Our team is committed to our clients projects and their growth. We try our best to understand your business from all the faces and try to get the most optimal business solutions for you.
  • Process: Momentum believes in a complete process driven approach. We follow a step by step approach, to give the best output to the client. The development step begins with client consultation and ends at the launch and post launch maintenance stage. You will always find our team striving hard at every stage to provide you with an experience that is outstanding and praiseworthy.

Our Philosophy

  • Long term symbiotic relationship: Momentum believes in building clients and not just servers. Our aim is to develop long term relationship with our clients. We believe the more understanding we have of your business; the more we will be able to satisfy you with our Web and Mobile Apps Solutions. We strongly stand by the notion, that it is the client’s satisfaction that really matters for building an everlasting relation with them.
  • Deliver maximum value: Momentum believes in building long term relationship with its clients by providing them with a web or mobile solution that enhances their online presence and even helps them attain their business objectives. We at Momentum believe in value creation and value delivery to our clients that helps them succeed in the ever changing business world.
  • Project control and client involvement: Momentum creates Document of Delivery which consists of a list of deliverables along with the working hours required for each deliverable. We believe in providing the real figures to the clients in terms of the hours required for the completion of each step and thus make the project’s delivery on time. We keep the client involved at every step, by asking his reviews at the time we deliver any portion of the project and move forward only if the client approves it.
  • Clean communication process: We at Momentum follow a structured approach while communicating with our clients. We ensure that there are not too many points of contact between the client and the project team as the situation may lead to chaos. Only the project leader is permitted to contact the client at any point of time and take the inputs regarding all the queries of the entire team.
  • Dedicated project team: At Momentum, we have a team of experienced and dedicated IT Professionals who have proper command over the latest technology and the software available. Our designers and techies, with their 24*7 service, make your experience with us noteworthy and remarkable. Once you are with us, your business is completely our responsibility. Momentum dedicates a team of the required size to your project just at the beginning, who understands your entire business requirements and will proceed with the project keeping in mind your business objective. Our project team is expert and experienced enough to handle all your queries and response to them in the best possible manner.

Momentum works on the following technologies to provide you with an excellent Web and Mobile Solutions:


Get dynamic and interactive ASP.NET Apps for your online projects of any size.

iOS iOS  

End to End Mobile websites and Mobile Apps design and development for your target iOS customers.

Android Android 

Discover the latest flavor of Android Apps development with our techies and designers.


Let your Web presence boom with our robust and customized PHP apps.

Azure Azure 

Create Websites, Mobile apps and Databases with a cloud enabled Windows Azure platform.


Smart and efficient database development for your applications that helps you boost your corporate performance.

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